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Din [A] Tod – Westwerk
Post Punk

With our sunglasses on and grinning the ever-present crisis in the face with a „f**k the world“-mentality, we are drinking champagne on the ruins of the old world order! On their new album, Berlin-based DIN [A] Tod perfectly capture the zeitgeist at the end of the last decade of the new millennium: “Westwerk” fuses the spirit of the early Eighties with the amiable madness of the Electroclash-sound from Germany’s capital. The result is a versatile No-Future-Pop-music-experience with a profound club-appeal. The ambitious mix of minimal Electro sounds with meandering guitar- and bass-lines mingled with a distinct coolness sounds even more compact and mature than the group’s critically-acclaimed first outing. “Westwerk” is synonymous with hit tunes that have been stripped down to their bare essentials, breathe the cold air of The Sisters Of Mercy and feature the minimalist groove of bands like Joy Division or New Order on a massive, electronic beat foundation. The songs are further enhanced by the interplay of Sven Claussen’s dark, nihilistic vocals and Claudia Fasold’s fresh girlie-appeal. On “Westwerk”, the group drives its modernized Post Punk sound to utter perfection – and their electrified cover version of Joy Division’s early anthem “Warsaw” fits into the picture perfectly. DIN [A] Tod sport just the sort of detached, Berlin-infused sound of a cold, anonymous metropolis that has its finger right on the pulse of the times.
Released mid-March, 2009.

Available on Out of Line.

CD: $14.30 – 9,98EUR

The Elysium Facade – Through Reason Or Natural Force
dark ambient

The Elysium Facade is  beautifully disturbing dark ambience that combines rich atmospheres and harsh textures to create frighteningly beautiful soundscapes that chill to the bone.  “Through Reason Or Natural Force” is the bands fouth full length album and will be available in the spring of 2010.

Available on In Aeternum.


Lycia (Bleak) – Vane

Originally released in 1995 under the name Bleak.
Now, completely remixed and remastered from the original tapes. Featuring members of Lycia, Mike Vanportfleet and David Galas.

Available on iTunes and Amazon.

CD: 7.99

Soriah (with Ashkelon Sain) – Atlan
World Ambient Electronic

Atlan has its roots in the ceremonial: ritualism, shamanism, butoh. Master Tuvan throat singer Soriah teams up with prolific soundscaper Ashkelon Sain (Trance to the Sun) to create a totally breathtaking album. Soriah conjures up a haunting sonic otherworld, drifting, dreamy, a rumbling, whirring ambient dronescape, thick with natural timbre and dense with subtle overtones. The eleven tracks employ a host of Central Asian ethnic stringed instruments alongside atmospheric synths and hypnotic hand percussion to form a simmering backdrop for Soriah’s mesmerizing vocals intoned in the ancient Aztec language of Nahuatl.
Availabile on Projekt.
West Coast Winter Tour 2010
TH 1/14: Seattle: Jewel Box
FR 1/15: Olympia: Hall of the Woods
SA 1/16: Astoria: The Columbian Theater

SU: 1/17 Portland: Doug Fir Lounge
TH: 1/21 San Francisco Bus Stop Gallery
FR: 1/22 Oakland The Ghost Town Gallery
SA: 1/23 Hollywood: Bar Sinister
SU: 1/24 LA Silver Factory Studios

Go to for more tour info.

CD: 13.98

Trance to the Sun – Spiders, Aether & Rain

The Finest Works Of Trance to the Sun
Projekt is proud to announce the release of a ‘best of’ compilation album from the legendary surrealist goth / dream-pop / darkwave ensemble, Trance to the Sun. Ground-breaking and critically acclaimed in their time (1990-2001), this compilation coincides with the band’s first performance in half a decade, at Convergence 13 in Portland (last weekend of May, 2007). Spiders, Aether & Rain features thirteen tracks spanning the entire Trance to the Sun oeuvre; from haunting, spindly ballads to thunderous goth-rock waltzes; from freaked-out electronic gems of hypnotic rhythm to heavily orchestrated pseudo-symphonic cacophonies. Whether you’re a long time devotee, or just discovering this critically acclaimed, elegant music for the first time, this release is for you.

Available on Projekt.

CD: 6.98

Amdeide – Condition Humaine

Amdeide is a unique blend of electronic music combing together the styles of EBM, electro, techno + industrial with tastefully mixed guitars and male vocals.
Amdeide began as the personal music project of Brian Terhark in the late 90’s. Inspired by the works of Rotersand,, KMFDM, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Depeche Mode, X Marks the Pedwalk, VNV Nation, Nitzer Ebb, various techpop, futurepop, synthpop, prog trance, tech house, punk and electro.

Available on iTunes.

CD: 9.99

Kites With Lights – The Weight Of Your Heart
Electro Pop

Kites With Lights is Electro Pop for a rainy day, a blissed out dance floor or a late night drive.  Timeless is the key to a Kites With Lights tune.  A clean and clear aesthetic: Electro Pop with a purpose.  Kites With Lights incorporates looking up and staring down, a dramatic curve where rain drops equal dance beats, and somehow you feel that the film in your dreams finally has a soundtrack.

Available on 24 Hour Service Station.

CD: 7.00

Glass Arcana – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Glass Arcana combines New Wave and Post Punk styles to create their own very unique and modern style. Imagine 80’s New Wave and Electro combined with 90’s Shoegaze.
This is a free download of Glass Arcana’s version of the much covered Joy Division classic, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.  Keep an eye out for their debut album coming spring of 2010.

Available on In Aeternum.

CD: FREE! Single


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