The Elysium Facade is a beautifully disturbing dark ambient project by Ashe RuppeThe Elysium Facade combines rich atmospheres and harsh textures to create  frighteningly beatutiful soundscapes.


Glass Arcana Is a dynamic electronic project by Ashe Ruppe and Lectra Paris. Glass Arcana combines New Wave and Post Punk styles to create their own very unique and modern style. Imagine 80’s New Wave and Electro combined with 90’s Shoegaze.


Disekt combines the talents of Ashe Ruppe (Submarine Fleet, Trance to the Sun (live), The Elysium Facade, Nocturne pdx etc.) and JM. Disekt creates seething dark electronic music with an edge, combining dark atmospheres and harsh breathy vocals paired with driving percussion. All of these elements combined make for a unique sound which is entrancing on CD.


Nocturne began in 1995 after several chance meetings in bars eventually lead to Ashe, Tadashi, Jeff and Mark actually getting together and playing the music that they talked about over drinks.Shortly after getting together Fritter was added to the mix on synths. Almost immediately the band was performing shows and recorded their first ep “Of Beauty and Decay” within months. In 1996 the ep was released and received rave reviews by Outburn and Propaganda magazines as well as many online zines. Shortly after the band was asked to record a full length album for the now defunct “Energy Records” from New York which has never been released….until now!

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